Etsy Updates

Just updated my Etsy Banner to reflect a New Years theme.
My mediocre Photoshop skills were put to the test. I think it turned out OK, best I can do while working =P

Be sure to check out the Etsy shop soon, as I will likely have lots of new products to offer, now that I got some more craft supplies for Christmas......Including - Drumroll please,...........a PAZZLES! woot woot.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have an awesome New Year.


Tik Tok

Big fan of this song, though the music video could use a lot of help.
My desktop count-down 'till Christmas (don't judge) says theres 2 days, 21 hours and 15 minutes until me and my Jones open presents!!!!!!!!!


So this is Christmas...

Christmas is fast approaching - I can't wait!
I think I got some really thoughtful gifts for friends and family this year. As not to break tradition, I got my sister some things that are absolutely not what she asked for. Really, Diane - what did you expect =P

Etsy has totally opened a whole new world of shopping too. I am a huge fan of the customized items that can be found in the shops there. Make sure you check it out if you have not yet! You can head that way by starting at Non-Rhotic, or Quilt Cabana Patterns by clicking the logos on the right hand side of my blog.



I just referenced a Francis D.K. Ching book....

....anyone? ....anyone?


Case of the Mondays

Its MONDAY. blah.

We decorated the tree this weekend! It looks great. We also put together a new IKEA cabinet! Is it unhealthy to have a strong affinity for putting together particle board furniture? I think its something about the smell...

Mmmmm VOC's



Hi everyone,
Thanks for taking a peek at my brand-spankin'-new blog!!
I am very excited to have joined the 21st century....hopefully you will be back real soon to see more posts.